A Best Systems Approach
Strategic Communication

Our SC provides convenience and satisfaction. We design communication action plans to ensure easier information flow, cross-functional collaboration, participative decision-making, stakeholder engagement, and program visibility. We leverage our expertise in media relations, branding, and organizational identity. We help staff to be attentive to listening, customer feedback, cross-cultural interactions, conflict, and interpersonal communication barriers. We offer spokesperson and public speaking training. Our team advises on integration of technology, knowledge management, and social media. SC is agile communication at the right time.

Organizational Development Change Management

We (re)design work processes to improve administrative and coordination performance. Our tools analyze performance gaps and close them. Our change management tools help managers and leaders overcome dysfunctional behaviors — unproductive conflict, ineffective listening, and sluggish decision-making. We help reverse stakeholder dissatisfaction, inertia, large backlogs, bottlenecks, insufficient information flow, excessive layers of administration, and low morale and productivity. Through participative strategic planning, early employee ownership is guaranteed. Our strength-based approach affirms what’s best of the organization and its members. We help you envision the future and execute bold visions.

Leadership Development

L.D. We highlight leadership in the organization’s margins and create greater visibility to what matter most to people – empowerment, authority, and recognition. With engaged followers leaders can optimize their visions. Through our Leadership that Matters™ training seminars, Explorations in Leadership™ Conference, leadership retreats, and coaching, we’ve equipped leaders for modern organizations, to lead diverse followers, and assume greater confidence and clarity of their roles and authorization. We use self-assessment tools for personal development. Our approach is grounded in theory and is highly experiential, engaging, and exploratory.

Organization Assessment Evaluation Monitoring

O.A. Our change assessments help our clients to see more so that they can do more to align their work practices with their mission. Rigorous assessments save time and money and they give voice to all levels of the organization. Our findings are presented in reports in which clear recommendations are given. We use a rigorous methodological approach to ascertain gaps between expected and actual performance. The research tools include focus groups, document reviews, surveys, interviews, and observant participation. Results determine your next move.