How We Work….We Get Real Results

We are not in this world alone; others are contributing to making it a better space for work and play. When we work, we work from a space of love and we bring our best to our leadership, communication, and organizational development services.

As we work, we seek to touch hearts and transform minds. It means being attentive to where patterns of unconscious oppression are emerging in the client system and being sensitive to work with such difficult dynamics without further injuring anyone. In bringing out the best in others and empowering them to rise beyond low expectations, our approaches elevate higher personal and organizational success. We transform resistances and enliven higher dreaming processes where the art and science of leadership intersect with the exploration and discovery of what is possible.

We go high to see more

How we work amazes our clients. At times, it requires helping the client to surrender to what is emerging in the moment and trusting that the insight and experience of the collective spirit or work will bring new meaning and possibilities. Our strength-based practice appreciates that organizations and professionals might from time to time feel the weight of exponential changes in the globalized environment, but they do not have to buckle. We help our clients see that these challenges are like surfing in tumultuous waves, you will fall but you sharpen your skills every time you surface to mount the surfboard yet again.

The immediate results that our clients achieve is not our own; it’s a celebration of the and authentic interpersonal work they undertake within the enabling structures and expertise that we provide.  Such a trusting relationship is what produces, results that matter™.  Transformation is about achieving incremental forward steps and about sliding back…but more importantly, it is about resilience.  Transformation, we believe, is not wishful thinking; it is setting in motion a set of bold behaviors that interrupt old and nonproductive ways of being.

Transforming Projections is Required Work

More beneath the surface to be worked

One of those nonproductive ways of being is the role negative projections play in work life.  Projection is a mechanism whereby we displace onto others what we can’t bear to stand within ourselves.  As in the case of the oppressor, someone is doing something to somebody that diminishes his/her self worth; and in the victim, one is always experiencing feelings or being criticized, accused and attacked.  While there is evidence that this is happening, more often than not, these realities are driven by projections…which in a work context are dangerous to self and others.
Getting an accuser to locate the oppressor or the victim within themselves, in a nonthreatening way, is what we call working beneath the surface.  David Gutman in his book Psychoanalysis and Management (2000): The Transformation, puts it this way:

When, in an institution, an individual or a sub-system recognizes and takes back its own “projections, we are in the presence of an institution in transformation.  Transformation is, in fact, first and foremost, a transformation of projections.”

Mostly, this work takes courage and we try to not come up short on this.   If we do, our clients’ systems will experience no change and employees will lump us in with change efforts that were futile.