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We work with leaders, small groups and organizations to do amazing things in short phases by intention.


Leadership Development

We highlight leadership in the organization’s margins and create greater visibility to what matters most to people -empowerment, authority, recognition, and success. With engaged followers, leaders can optimize their visions.


Agile communications approach helped the staff communicate more intentionally from their task roles and has brought personal ownership and greater clarity for the team. With this mindset, the corporation will surely achieve successful outcomes.

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Organizational Development

We implement the ECG C.L.E.A.R Solutions Model© to turn around disconnected and conflicting relationships between the community's workforce into an improved interpersonal communication network and increase in workflow and productivity.


Diversity, Access & Inclusion

This helps the company structure diversity and inclusion in conversations between the staff and its leaders. A champion program for the rebranding and diversity of any organization.



Our approach is based on ECG’s C.L.E.A.R Solutions model that integrates psychodynamic and organizational communication perspectives in order to understand how personal history, role relationships, and organizational culture influence an individual’s performance or presence - their way of being. 

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Working with Groups

We have a track record of working with staff groups and teams, resolving deep interpersonal conflicts, and refocusing on collective action and creative collaboration. We help you magnify your role more to do more with others at the right time. 

We invite you into a conversation and actively listen to unexpressed feelings that might block the collective ability of the group/team from using its authority to seize new possibilities. 

We value diversity, access, inclusion, and equity and are competent to help groups who struggle with it! 

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What Our

Client Says:

"Elson Consulting Group provided a deep-structured systemic consultation through which our start-up organization was able to gain greater awareness of the interpersonal relationship dynamics around leadership, followership, trust, openness, inclusion, and cultural awareness. I found their recommendations to be well-tailored to our needs and effective in moving our company forward. I look forward to further assistance from them as our organization sets off on our expansion."

Dr. John Daken
Psychiatrist and Director at Polarus LLC

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