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We highlight leadership in the organization’s margins and create greater visibility to what matters most to people – empowerment, authority, recognition, and success. With engaged followers, leaders can optimize their visions.

Through our Leadership That Matters™ training seminars, Explorations in Leadership™ Conference, leadership retreats, and coaching, we’ve equipped hundreds of people to lead diverse followers in modern organizations and assume greater confidence and clarity of their roles, tasks, and authorization.

Case Study: The National League of Cities Leadership (NLC) Training Institute contracted EGC to design and deliver a half-day seminar to train senior political elected officials, mainly mayors, and councilpersons in leadership. The training was not only a resource for developing the leadership pipeline, but it also attempted to equip leaders with competencies to address intercultural challenges they faced with changing demographics in their constituencies. Over 80 mayors and city administrators from across the United States benefited from this training. 

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Through ECG’S APPROACH: ECG’s Leadership That Matters™ format was used, engaging the participants in role plays that modeled how leadership skills interfaced with effective communication and small group dialogues.  This engaging approach allowed experiences to emerge and be shared in a large group setting. The seminar addressed leadership communication, role clarity, mindsets, attitudes, motivation, and followership patterns that enable elected officials to maximize their leadership potential. 

IMPACT: Participants left the workshop energized and reported that they were more equipped to listen to the real needs of constituents that were sometimes disguised in conflicts and or hidden in silence. There was resonance about activating grassroots organizations more intentionally to form new partnerships.   

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