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To empower organizations and professionals to be more effective, to bring a greater sense of purpose and value of their work, colleagues and strategic partners, and to have fun working together.

Our Mission

Elson Consulting Group

As we work, we seek to touch hearts and transform minds. It means being attentive to where patterns of unconscious biases emerge in the client system and being sensitive to working with such difficult dynamics without causing injury. Our approaches elevate higher personal and organizational success by bringing out the best in others and empowering them to rise beyond low expectations. We transform resistances and enliven higher dreaming processes where the art and science of leadership intersect with the exploration and discovery of what is possible. 

We have delivered solutions to many commercial businesses, individuals, groups, and organizations since our founding in 2003. We have consulted in the United States, Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America, particularly in nonprofits, educational institutions, political and international organizations.  We have coached organizational leaders and mentored young professionals.   


Our research and consulting experiences showed that organizations that developed their people often performed exceptionally well and are happy places to work in. 


How we work amazes our clients. At times, it requires helping the client surrender to what is emerging and trusting that the insight and experience of the collective spirit or work will bring new meaning and possibilities. Our strength-based practice appreciates that organizations and professionals might, from time to time, feel the weight of exponential changes in the globalized environment, but they do not have to buckle. We help our clients see that these challenges are like surfing in tumultuous waves, you will fall, but you sharpen your skills every time you surface to mount the surfboard yet again. 

Our clients' immediate results are not our own; it’s a celebration of the authentic interpersonal work they undertake within the enabling structures and expertise that we provide.  Such a trusting relationship is what produces, Results That Matter™.  Transformation is about achieving incremental forward steps and about sliding back…but more importantly, it is about resilience.  Transformation, we believe, is not wishful thinking; it is setting in motion a set of bold behaviors that interrupt old and nonproductive ways of being. 

Our Track Record

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