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EDGE Academy Workshop:

Bringing the Temperature Down & Productivity Up

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This introductory session seeks to: 

  • Identify sources of interpersonal conflict by examining the choice of communication channels, including social media, electronic and face-to-face feedback processes, supervision, employee relations, manager's presence, the organizational culture, and unmet multigenerational needs

  • Equip participants with ways to de-escalate and resolve emerging conflicts.

  • Promote ways to grab opportunities to arrest discrimination and unfair practices.  

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When it comes to workplace tensions and conflict the tendency is to avoid them.  That is a very bad decision. Doing that could lead to escalation and very bad outcomes such as bad customer service and people leaving the job.  This two-hour workshop session provides insight into emerging chaos and tensions as roles and relationships to traditional authority shift.  As a result, increasing tensions between managers and direct reports is a concerning dynamic because of restrictions and changes in work conditions attributed to adjustments to the coronavirus reality. 

Many of these tensions result in part from unarticulated feelings, intergenerational misperceptions, and old management communication practices.

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