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Our approach is based on ECG’s C.L.E.A.R Solutions model that integrates psychodynamic and organizational communication perspectives in order to understand how personal history, role relationships, and organizational culture influence an individual’s performance or presence - their way of being

 This means that our coaching approach is deeply personal, systemic, developmental, biographical, and edgy. Simply put, paying attention to emotional and irrational reasons are more helpful than the rational reasons given for a particular attitude, behavior, or thought. Our coaching clients get deep insights into the "reality" of daily experiences that reveal hidden or unknown intersections of rank-of-role relationships, resistances, vulnerabilities and fears, unhelpful thinking, competition, rivalry, or internalized oppression that blocks their extraordinary potential. This coaching approach is individual or group/team-oriented. Here are some scenarios we've addressed, clients: 

• Going through a major role shift with new responsibilities

Launching a new product/service or business and needs support

Having too many ideas without a clear direction

Leading a major change effort 

Engaging in difficult interpersonal conflict

• Facing major leadership dilemmas

• Wanting to maximize your leadership potential

• Increasing rivalry and poor communication in teams and departments

• Increasing dissatisfaction with one's job/career

• Experiencing bottleneck with your work tasks and feeling frustrated and unappreciated

• Starting too many projects and having problems completing any

• Having difficulty working in diverse or majority environments

• Thinking about leaving the job because of bad relations with the manager or a group of employees

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