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EDGE Academy Course:

Leadership By Listening 


This Workshop covers  

  • Assess one’s listening skills through audits and interactions in group settings 

  • Determine how to employ different forms of listening to build teams 

  • Work on building awareness of behaviors that trigger poor listening 

  • Identify hidden barriers to effective listening 

  • Help self and others adopt effective listening habits 

  • Acquire greater insight into four different dominant types of listening in business 

4 weeks

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Many managers and leaders quite rightfully seek to achieve high team synergy and collaboration levels. Camaraderie, respect, and cohesion matter most to team members. They get frustrated when they do not experience this and get locked in turf battles.  Managing and leading multiple generations and multicultural differences require a third ear, empathy.  Most people think they are great listeners. Okay! Few people know of other forms of listening to support empathic listening to make it successful.  When employees feel they are listened to, they tend to be fun, engage meaningfully, and are more present. Fewer mistakes are made.

The risk of poor listening is well documented – high career failures, costly mistakes, blaming and finger-pointing, dysfunctional teams, and lost customers. Listening in a complex work environment has its challenges.  This workshop helps you grow your career and keep good employees.  The employee’s experience is a number one indicator for retention. This is a benefit this workshop delivers.

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