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EDGE Academy Workshop:

Image by Jason Goodman

Professional Presentations for the Win!

4 Weeks

This Workshop covers:


  • Identifying attributes of credible and competent speakers 

  • Practicing verbal and non-verbal communication skills 

  • Using the document template to organize business messages 

  • Writing effective subject lines 

  • Practicing informative writing headlines 

  • Using ten techniques to edit sentences for clarity and conciseness. 

  • Building strategic relationships to achieve business goals 

  • Recording meetings and speeches to share with larger audiences


The importance of communication is highlighted increasingly as an essential skill in job applications. Here’s one example, “Superior communication, interpersonal skills, and ability to prioritize the highest activity; Ability to effectively communicate with and present to C-level execs.”  Here is another that captures the need for technical and functional communication skills: “Advance knowledge and understanding of best practices with a wide range of communication platforms and tools, including digital and social media platforms and strategies.”

This workshop speaks to those issues. It introduces dynamics of public speaking, audience analysis and expectation, organizational and personal image management, speaker apprehension, and Internet tools for collaboration and agile communication. Participants will increase their assertiveness and communication effectiveness and become familiar with professional protocol when conducting and presenting in meetings in person, virtually, and in public. You will learn how to structure your speeches and frame them to be culturally sensitive, inclusive and respectful, informative, persuasive, and entertaining for various occasions.   

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