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EDGE Academy Workshop:

Image by Jason Goodman

She/He/They...To We and Us

This Workshop covers:


  • Recognizing ethical dilemmas of gender relatedness in contemporary organizations 

  • Synthesizing thinking in gender theory and gender relations 

  • Analyzing language practices of exclusion and inclusion 

  • Identifying challenges and opportunities of intergenerational communication 

  • Working with the emergence of differences in interpersonal and group communications 

  • Identifying language patterns of explicit and implicit cultural biases 

  • Co-creating structures that facilitate gender and inclusive dialogue 

  • Select and use digital platforms for internal and external communication, including high volume social media

Image by Brooke Cagle

4 weeks

Multiracial Colleagues

 This workshop examines complex conversations that are avoided but need to happen across transnational and cultural boundaries, multiple generations, and among employees, customers, and management.  It provides a safe space to interact with others you care about but cannot find the language to engage more authentically about differences and inequalities.  Overwhelming research data from human resource management leaders indicate that organizations lose outstanding employees because of interpersonal conflicts with their managers. A lot of the misunderstandings and mistreatments are grounded in gender dynamics. We got this.

This workshop is for personal development, but, at last, it is also an opportunity to see this issue as one for organizational development as it pertains to retention and career building.  Since gendered language conveys deeply embedded stereotypes and unconscious biases emanating from patriarchal, hierarchical, and biased psychological structures, this experiential workshop helps you pay attention to how these dynamics emerge, target certain individuals and groups, and are co-constructed and maintained.  Conversely, it provides tools to assess personal and group communication styles to understand yourself and others in group relationships.  

Gender and Inclusive Communication to Enhance Workplace Belongingness

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