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You need a champion to listen to you personally and understand your unique needs. Small size and flexibility are best for that

Allowing you to upgrade your career skills and competencies while being able to think creatively to work through complex problems with little stress, the ECG Edge Academy prepares you to function in complex and challenging situations associated with functioning in the global economy.

Our workshops are designed as plugins to accomplish bold goals, especially in areas of interpersonal and intercultural communication, leadership, conflict, decision-making, and problem-solving competencies.  They help you to bridge the mind, heart and thought in working with yourself and others.  In seeking to cultivate a global mindset also, the workshops reflect an inclusive and universal approach to learning.  We provide a safe environment for you to orient yourself in that way. 

Signature Workshops

With us, you will accomplish in two-four weeks what others do in five-eight. We understand you have little time. 

The workshops and seminars are arranged in the following formats:

  • Self-paced 
  • Zoom meetings with directed learning (with live facilitation) 
  • Hybrid -- a combination of self-paced and direct learning.

ECG Edge Academy.png

We have offered these workshops in face-to-face formats and they are very highly requested. A common theme we get from participants is that ‘our managers should be here.’ This online platform provides that opportunity. 

You can tell us what type of training you need for your organization, and we can customize it to suit. These workshops often are recommendations from an organizational development intervention that identified particular areas for the professional development of the employees. 


We create a culturally responsive teaching and learning environment in which people feel listened to, appreciated, and respected for their diverse experiences, views, and knowledge. 


Our Training & Learning Approach Workshop

Our learning approach involves experiential activities of a growth mindset. The experience is like surfing tumultuous waters, if you fall, you’ll sharpen your skills every time you mount the surfboard yet again.  It’s a four-step process – 









We respond to organizations’ needs to
custom design online training courses for their staff,
for example, diversity, access and inclusion;
sexual harassment; giving and asking for feedback, effective communication & listening for success.

Learner Resources

From industry experiences and academic research, the learner resources will guide you to explore new ways to view problems and opportunities. In addition, the resources help the learner acquire a greater sense of personal authority to be thoughtful and inquiring. The resources will differ according to the segments in each seminar or workshop. They are available when you register for a course.

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