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Case Study: ECG designed a three-year Communication Strategy and Action Plan that positioned the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States Commission to adopt a mindset toward a more agile and high-speed response to messaging international and regional partners.

This is important to the Commission, the coordinating agency for 11 governments on development and economic issues. 

E.C.G. Approach: Our deep-structured inquiry leveraged our C.L.E.A.R. Solutions Model, which created a strong partnership with the client system


ECG APPROACH: Through our deep-structured inquiry was based on our C.L.E.A.R Solutions Model, which created a partnership with the client system. This provided a creative space for the staff to re-imagine new cross-functional and external organizational communication approaches with its stakeholders and partners.

IMPACT:  Our Agile communications approach helped the Commission staff communicate more intentionally from their task roles. This brought greater clarity and personal ownership for effective communication to achieve successful outcomes.

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